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New Match-a-Roo Zoo

Match-a-Roo Zoo is a fun, interactive way for your preschooler to experience zoo animals. Match-a-Roo Zoo uses effective learning methods that are sure to keep your little one stimulated and entertained.

  • Match animal shapes

    On each screen your child will match the correct head of the animal to the animal’s body.

  • Audible & visual animal names

    The name of every animal is shown on the screen and spoken audibly when a correct match is made.

  • Randomness

    Everytime your child plays, the animals are generated in a totally random order to keep them guessing!

  • Frequent updates

    Frequent updates will be made with new animals and features.
    When we run out of actual animals, we make up our own animals!

Available on the App Store


Match-a-Roo Zoo works with the iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later.